With our CNC Routing Equipment we can work with a multitude of different materials 
  • Veneer Plywood

  • Flakeboard

  • MDF

  • Melamine

And many other hardwoods and softwoods!

Cottonwood, Pine, Redwood, Ash, Oak, Beech, Cherry, Mahogany, Hard Maple,Poplar, Teak, Walnut, Hickory, Purple Heart, Leopardwood, Tigerwood, Cocobolo, Bloodwood, Alder, Aspen, Basswood, Beech, Yellow Birch, Cypress, Red Elm, Gum, Hackberry, Pecan, Pacific Coast Maple, Red Oak, Sassafras, Sycamore, Black Walnut, White Oak, Willow, African Padauk, Bolivian Rosewood, Honduran Mahogany, Wenge, Spanish Cedar

  • Phenolics

  • ACM

  • Foam

  • Rubber

  • Wax

  • Fiberglass

And much more!

Ren Board, Vinyl Coated Panels, Gypsum, Butter Board, Magnetic Rubber Mats, Leather, Mother-of-pearl, Wood Veneers, G10, Mat Board, Modeling Clay

  • Aluminum

  • Aluminum Extrusion

  • Honeycomb Aluminum

  • Brass

  • Bronze

  • Copper

  • Acrylics

  • Polycarbonate

  • ABS

  • LDPE

  • HDPE

  • UHMW

  • PVC

  • Polystyrene

  • Polypropylene

  • Acetyl

  • Delrin